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Hello and welcome to gingerbread feminists.

This is going to be a collective blog, written by a number of fascinating and lovely people who have smart, funny and generally interesting things to say about a number of topics. Some identify as feminist, some don’t; the point is that we are all committed to conversation that deepens our understanding and compassion of others and of ourselves.

We hope to be covering baking and food; fashion and beauty; eduction;  environment; arts and crafts; culture and media; and gender and self-image! Phew! What a mash-up of topics!

I believe that this mash-up is what brings brilliance. People are complex, beautiful and multi-faceted and cannot be boiled down to a single set of labels or interests. Many of the topics above benefit from a range of perspectives and voices, precisely because they do not come as a ‘one-size-fits-all’, but are made up of numerous concepts, actions and passions.

The blog will get going properly in the New Year, and who knows what will happen when it does!  Until then, enjoy browsing the blogs that we love.


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