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Friday Catch-Up

Two of my favourite things: feminist theory on male gaze and comic book heroes. Even better when combined, as in the above send-up of some the Avengers promo material. Source, K-Bo, who likes cookies and drawing – perfect. 


‘I’m Feminist Enough To..’

Nice to know that as a new blog we are in good company. ‘I’m feminist enough to…’ is a blog dedicated to redefining feminism for women of colour worldwide. Can’t wait to see what comes of it.

Sexist Sherlock?

If you haven’t already read this, the debate is still going on about the sexism in the most recent series of Sherlock on the BBC.  We’ll have some thoughts here about it on Monday.

Mirror vs the wall

Great video featuring Autumn of the Beheld talking about her fast from mirrors, and the argument about whether mirrors or facebook wall enable you to be more in control of how you construct your self-image.

Equal Pay Settlement

Women who have been paid less than their male colleagues in Edinburgh City Council received a multi-million pound equal pay settlement this week.  News articles here and here.


Just for giggles…Obama Sings Gaga


Have a great weekend everyone. 






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  1. Would love to see a Gingerbread post about Lady Gaga… just curious to know what people think about her.

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for putting the self-esteem segment up here! I’m WAY behind on my reading and just now saw it–much appreciated, Gingerbreads!


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