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Friday Catch-up

Right-wing Feminism

Feminism for Tories explains why ‘right wing feminism’ might be the ‘phrase du jour’ but certainly isn’t a new thing. I’m particularly interested in the comments about not treating women as an undifferentiated interest group, and how this plays out in their thoughts on childcare.

 I may not personally agree with their political commitments, or their feelings about a feminism that is about individuals and not groups, but I’m very glad that there’s dialogue around this stuff and that feminism isn’t just about having one kind of political commitment. 

Susie Orbach on slimming clubs

Parliamentary inquiry on body image this week saw both a protest outside the House of Commons (Riots not Diets), and evidence from Susie Orbach, author of Fat is a Feminist Issue.  In this article, Orbach is quoted as saying that she believes slimming clubs lock their members into lifelong ‘straitjackets’ of unrealistic expectations about weight loss, and that our society is creating a generation ‘polluted with anxiety’ about their weight.  She also had a go at the £15 million pound weight watchers advert.

On a similar note, our household has been discussing Weight Watchers recent change of language in their adverts – you are now encouraged to ‘play’ Weight Watchers.  Pretty clever to make something sound more light hearted and fun and less like work; but then again I’m concerned about the implications of weight and body image being a game.  Anyone have any thoughts on this language choice? 

Do men or women have it harder in the writing business?

Author Jennifer Weiner wrote a blog post about her feelings the New York Times does a poor job of covering female writers, prompting Teddy Wayne to get grumpy about how it is men who have a harder time as authors. Seemingly his argument revolves around the fact that women are more inclined to read. My favourite take down of the whole thing is from John Scalzi. 

Fashion Blogging and Reality

DeeDee over at Decoding Dress asks whether fahion blogs are becoming increasingly detached from reality, which in turn begs the question of why you may (or may not) read fashion blogs: for the reality or the unreality?

Ethical Fashion

Franca of Oranges and Apples has a really helpful post (well, essay by her own confession!) about figuring out ethical fashion and how there isn’t just one way to do be ethical in your approach to clothes.

Can a man be a feminist?

In the New Statesman, Nicky Woolf covers the topic of whether men can be feminists, largely arguing that feminist acts by men are in fact patronising and patriarchal.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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